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Expert IT Support for Small Businesses and Individuals

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Remote support

Save time for everyone! A remote session is quick and effective, solving most issues within 30 minutes or less. The majority of our support services are remote.


We design quality web sites using Wix, and can service existing sites on other platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace etc.
Bookings, Payments, Store, SEO


How can I take my business to new levels with technology? What strategies can I use to save money, be more secure, get more done? What equipment do I need?

Cyber Security

Getting all of your files encrypted suddenly is no fun! We take the pain out of making your systems safe from hackers & ransomware while keeping them easy to use

smart home

Smart Devices that work with Google Home, Siri, Alexa can make you feel like you have a personal assistant to control the lights, A/C and security with your voice, phone, watch etc.


Most startups and local businesses can't afford a full-time IT Director or internal IT department. G-Tech SD is on call with ongoing management tailored to your business. We bring enterprise level support to your company, supporting between 1-100 users.

Our clients have been running smoothly for over a decade with proactive service and monitoring.

Why Trust G-Tech SD?

Experience. Knowledge. Integrity. Efficiency.

  • We know how to solve your IT issues properly the first time

  • Monthly Agreements with no nickel-and-dime invoices

  • Always on call, familliar with your systems, and ready to help

  • We go to great lengths to ensure our customer's security

  • Quality of service and sound solutions are never compromised

  • Friendly, Professional, Courteous, Patient, even under stress

  • We actually care about the success of your business

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On-Site service in San Diego

On-site IT support is essential for small businesses and individuals who rely on technology to run their operations and stay connected with clients and customers.

Although most services can be performed remotely, including help with smartphones, we still go on site whenever requested or to deploy systems, network setup and maintenance, any anything else that requires hands-on.

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